Primulator Service


We are putting at your disposal highly qualified team of service technicians, who are experienced and knowledgeable experts in order to ensure the reliable operation of machines and to minimize a stoppage time when a breakdown occurs. Just call our  emergency line  09.00-22.00 during 7 days a week.
We are offering a wide range of services – starting from current repair and maintenance of devices to a range of agreement systems concerning performance of periodic services till individual service agreements for regular maintenance resulting in elongated warranty terms:

» Current repair and maintenance.
In case of a break down or malfunction our technicians give call free of charge consultation or arrive at the desired place within 12 hours in Tallinn and 24 hours in Estonia..

» Service agreement systems concerning performance of periodical inspections.
Our periodic inspections program which was put into effect by our company includes every 6 months performance of periodic inspections. According to catering manufacturers advice it is highly important both every day maintenance made by your personnel and that periodic inspection are carried out by our qualified service personnel. These inspection enable us to check the technical state of devices, cleaning and in advance finding excessive wear of components and elements such as washers and ribbons. Moreover at the same time an every day maintenance training is repeatedly carried out, which is important in case of personnel rotation. Regularly made inspections effectively limit the need of service interventions caused by break downs and considerably reduce machines exploitation costs.

» Individual service agreements resulting in elongated warranty terms.

At the time of purchasing the machine the buyer enters into a service agreement for regular maintenance. Our service technicians remain at your disposal  09.00-22.00 every a day and carry out periodical inspections  for the agreed fee. Any malfunctions and break downs which occur and caused by defective operation of the machine will be repaired free of charge within the agreement time period.

Primulator service network  co-operate with other service workshops which have our recommendation in Estonia. An average training time of our technicians amounts to 6 year’ experience. Each of them has ready service car, carries special tools and original spare parts required at all times, so that malfunctions can be remedied on the spot. Our technicians attend a series of workshops which are organized by both Primulator and machine manufacturers.