Our task is to be the best on sales and support in our business
marked. We will be the preferred supplier due to our integrity,
brand awareness and professional attitude.

Our claim

We differentiate ourselves through quality, support and
innovation. By being present in different part of Europe, it gives
us the advantage of an international mind set. By doing so, we
always delight our customers and partners. This means that our
products and services are always the first choice. That is how we
create the basis for profitable growth.


The business success of Primulator is strongly dependent on the
daily contribution of its workforce. We respects
individualism and courage our people to believe in themselves
and their decision to make the right choices. The right values
shape their decisions and gives them the integrity, dedication
and enthusiasm to work on a daily basis. We have identified
training & development and health & safety as priority topics in
order to provide safe workplaces and to
remain an attractive employer.


Minimizing our environmental footprint and inspiring others to
do the same. Our comprehensive approach to reducing our
environmental impact means looking at all aspects of our
business. We all have a responsibility to run our businesses
in the most efficient and rational way.

Our brands

Each of our brands offers our customers and collaborates an
individual brand experience. We operate a consistent and
differentiated brand positioning. This leads to a high degree of
recognition of our brands and to an increase in the brand value.
They are the top of the line on the global marked and
Primulator group are a preferred partner.

Service support

Delivering customer satisfaction is about providing timely,
responsive service with integrity, simplicity and a passion for
excellence while meeting or exceeding the customer’s
expectations. Our technicians are trained, certified and educated
to support the customers to reach this values. We invest time
and effort constantly to upgrade their education and to
be appreciated as the most innovated and
professional service supplier in the marked.